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Providing a unique platform for people to earn income renting their vehicles to film productions.

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    A complete circular motion or rotation around a central point or axis.

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Revolution.film was ignited by a powerful vision to democratize the cinematic world, inviting everyone to join the story.

Our platform, Revolution, isn't just a service, it's a game-changer; it transforms vehicle owners into key contributors to the film industry, turning what was once considered a liability into a profitable asset. In this vibrant intersection of creativity and commerce, we link ordinary people with leading production companies for TV shows, films, commercials, and music videos, catalyzing an exciting synergy that benefits all. Join the Story!”

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How it works

it’s easy to start

01 Sign Up

Create your car's profile in just 3 minutes. Add details and upload photos to make it ready for production companies to discover.

02 Get Matched

Our app connects you with production companies looking for cars like yours. They'll check availability and sign agreements to protect your vehicle on set.

03 Vehicle Pickup & Return

Sit back and relax as the production company takes care of picking up and returning your car. Enjoy a smooth and hassle-free experience from start to finish.

04 Receive Payment

Connect your bank account and get paid as soon as the shoot is finished. Enjoy a quick and seamless income experience.

05 Car Fame

Feel the thrill of seeing your car featured in movies and TV shows. Share your vehicle's newfound fame with friends and family.


New Income stream

Generate earnings by renting your car to film and TV production companies.

Join The Action

Witness your car's starring moments in popular movies and TV shows.

Peace of mind

Comprehensive Insurance and Security for Your Vehicle, backed by Production Companies and Revolution

Zero Cost

Access all these benefits by joining Revolution for free.


Our customers rent vehicles for

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Our dynamic pricing strategy combines metrics like the value of the vehicle, rarity, age, and demand to determine the daily rate, and verify it with industry experts to make sure it is the fair market value.

  • Weekly / Monthly Pricing : When you rent your item to a production company, they may only pay for 3 or 4 days a week, even though they have it for the entire week. These 3 or 4 days are known as "working days," the days they will use the item on set. This approach is common in the industry and allows for flexibility to match the specific needs of the production. It ensures that vou're compensated for the days the item is actually used.
  • Run of Show Pricing : A "run-of-show" rental means a vehicle is rented for the entire duration of the production, like a TV show or movie. It ensures the vehicle is available for the full filming schedule with tentative return dates. Pricing is based on a weekly rate, reflecting the actual days the vehicle is used on set. payouts to the car owner often occur weekly or every two weeks.

Revolution Operates On Pay-On-Pay Terms. This Means That Once The Production Company Pays Us For Using Your Vehicle, We'll Immediately Process Your Payment. There's No Additional Delay. We're Also Working On Creating A Fund To Make Payments Even Quicker. Once Established, This Fund Will Allow You To Get Paid As Soon As Your Vehicle Is Returned To You, Instead Of Waiting For The Production Company's Payment. Keep An Eye On Our Updates For More Information About This New And Improved Payment Process.

We Accept Any Vehicle From Any Year At Any Condition. The Film And TV Industry Has A Demand For All Kinds Of Vehicles.

Per Our Rental Agreement, The Production Company Is Legally Required To Maintain An Insurance Policy With Specific Policy Limits For Situations Such As Damage Or Loss Of A Rented Vehicle. In The Event Such Damage Or Loss Occurs, The Production Company Will Cover The Reasonable Cost Of Repair Or Replacement Of The Vehicle. Reasonable Cost Of Repairs Is Calculated Based On Three Quotes, Averaged Together To Determine The Fair Market Value Of The Repairs. In The Event A Dispute Arises Between The Production Company And The Vehicle Owner In Relation To Repairs Or Replacement, Revolution Will Act As An Intermediary In An Attempt To Bring The Parties To An Amicable Resolution. Further, In An Effort To Swiftly Resolve Any Disputes, Revolution May, At Its Discretion, Employ Its Own Insurance Policy To Resolve The Matter.