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Maria Kulagina: Granddaughter of Gustav Klutsis. Gustav Klutsis, born January 4 1895 and died Feburary 26th 1938, was a pioneering Latvian photographer and major member of the Constructivist avant-garde in the early 20th century. He is known for the Soviet revolutionary and Stalinist propaganda he produced with his wife and collaborator Valentina Kulagina. Klutsis is a central figure of Constructivism and pioneer of photomontage; he participated greatly in the political and intellectual fermentation of the early Soviet...

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Alexander Lavrentiev is a senior lecturer for design and photography at the Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts & Industry – founded in 1825 by Baron Sergey Stroganov. In 1843 the school became state-owned and is now one of the oldest Russian Schools for industrial, monumental and decorative art and design. The film includes sequences shot in the academy sculpture school and still life classes, with participating of today’s art students and teachers. Lavrentiev is the world expert on his grandfather, Alexander Rodchenko’s work and has published books on his grandmother, Varvara Stepanova, another prominent member of Russia’s avant...

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Director Margy Kinmonth provides an insight into what inspired her to make Revolution: New Art for a New World.  The starting point for making REVOLUTION was the great epic film “October” by Eisenstein, a story which I discovered to be a lie and a propaganda exercise, which immortalised the political events through the lens of a great artist. Art was the means to spread the communist ideology, many artists played a key role at the centre of the Russian Revolution. I knew there was a whole story to be told about the artists themselves and how their experiences were so...

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The Black Square.

Experts at Moscow’s Tretyakov Gallery discovered two previous paintings and an inscription underneath Kazimir Malevich’s seminal Black Square (1915). The Tretyakov Gallery, which owns one of three versions of the work, performed an x-ray analysis on the top layer of black paint to uncover the underlying images. The findings could reveal the story behind the ground-breaking artwork. The x-ray analysis also uncovered a handwritten note by the artist on the painting’s white border, which is still being...

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