“Fans of 2002’s classic Russian Ark won’t want to miss this fascinating doc on 20th-century Russian avant-garde art. Featuring the voices of Matthew Macfadyen and Tom Hollander, it looks at the artists who flourished in the wake of the revolution before Stalin, who detested this arty business, packed many of these “enemies of the state” off to the gulag. Eye-opening stuff, in every sense” ★★★★ Ali Caterall, Total Film
“A radical, visual feast.”

Kate Muir, The Times
“Ravishing and revolutionary; this extraordinary film shows us where Modern Art really started”

Peter York

“Stunning research and archive footage conjures Revolutionary Russia and the courage of artists in the avant-garde”

State Magazine

“Completely loved the film and also learnt so much while enjoying the story of the art revolution”

Mary-Lu Bakker, Notting Hill Post

“Revolution: New Art For a New World’ spoke to me as both an art lover and someone who works extensively in film archive”

The Critical Movie Critics

“a fascinating excursion into the world of Russian avant-garde”

The Upcoming

“… provides an incisive and timely reminder yet again that art and the artists are often at the forefront of social and political change”

Art Speak, Reel Rebels Radio